Dave talks about his Dental transformation and how it has changed his life. He is living headache free!


Obviously one of the problems I had before I came here was I… starting in my late forties… I was getting pretty—not regular— but infrequent pain in my neck… and as I got older it got more and more frequent… and I went to many doctors. My regular doctors didn’t know. They sent me in for tests at Chilton Hospital. I had all kinds of crazy tests done. At the end, they gave me kind of a generic statement which was, “well you know it’s osteoarthritis and disc wasting.” I said, “well if you say so,” you know?

But it was pretty nasty. I was getting it like three or four days a week at least. And, um, of course at the same time my teeth were not in very good condition. And, you know, I had never had great teeth. From the time I was a very young kid, I think they over-drilled me to tell you the truth, but that’s water under the bridge.

So I came. I had a consultation. I talked to Dr. Logan. I guess he had expertise in musculature problems. And he cured my problem! I have had no neck ache since then. And I’m tellin’ ya, I’d had it hundreds if not a thousand times. So, right away, that made my life so much better. And, um, then we had consultations and talked about, you know, the various ways we could go about things. And, um, the thing with the Prettau Bridge, which I had seen in an advertisement on television, and um, we decided to, you know, go for it.

Of course, there are various stages of development, and I had the denture which, number one, that already improved my life. Um, and every stage along the development — I would call it the rebuilding of my mouth — things have gotten better. So I’m up to a point now where, man, I’d never thought I’d be! I mean, at some point you just think… you just have to adapt, you have to live with new handicaps… new problems that keep happening. So it freaking turned everything around! I mean, really amazing! And um, as far as my ability to eat, talk, smile… I don’t remember a time in my life where it’s as good as it is now. I mean, it’s just so much different.

So I would say that yeah, great. Coming in here and consulting with you and Dr. Logan and Dr. Jessica Logan and it’s… it has changed my life. It certainly has. It’s been so much better.