Gabby talks about how her headaches are gone thanks to Dr. Logan!


Before starting treatment

I started having headaches about six years ago. And it was just painful, where I’d wake up like every day with a headache. And all the medicine I was taking… nothing was helping. So, once Mom figured out that Dr. Logan could do this, then I was like, “alright. Let’s come. Let’s look at what he can do and maybe it’ll help.”

A neurologist was her first step, where she was treated with medications and injections.

When I started with Dr. Logan, we did like all the tests and everything. And we noticed, like, the whole problem was that… the muscles in like my head and like my temples that are supposed to be relaxing aren’t working, and like my jaw muscles were supposed to be working but were relaxing. So all the pressure that was in my head was because of my jaw. And that my teeth were, like, hitting together when they shouldn’t be.

When Dr. Logan treated me, it was… he started with the mouthpiece, the appliance. We kept coming every week. He would make adjustments to it. And then, after a little while, he started making adjustments to my teeth, and once the appliance started like really working, and so did the adjustments, my headaches started to go away… and eventually went away.

How has Dr. Logan’s treatment changed your life?

It changed my life cause I have noticed, like… we went to a boardwalk last week and I was able to ride roller coasters without ending up with a headache after. And, like, I wake up and I’m not miserable, cause I don’t have a headache. When I go back to school I can actually like go to parties and things and not like, “well I can’t go because my head hurts and I don’t want it to hurt even more.” And now, like, I know I’ll be able to focus more on school cause I don’t have to worry that my head’s gonna start hurting randomly… or like, just constantly be painful where I can’t focus.

I feel like, we’re finally able to help, because nothing’s worse than not being able to help your child… and for Dr. Logan, I’ve been coming here since I was Gabby’s age. And, I knew, if he said he could help her, then I knew he could… because he’s just been so good for the many years that we’ve been here.