Jane talks about her long battle trying to get help for her headaches and migraines. After seeing many doctors she found Dr Robert Logan who helped her. She is now headache free without the need for drugs!


Before starting treatment

I’ve had headaches for ten years. Sometimes there are one, sometimes there are ten… it all depends on what I’m doing, or have done, or might not have done. Coughing, sneezing, bending over, picking something up like my wonderful grandchildren. I… there’s sometimes… I just sneeze and… as a matter of fact, on my way here today… my head is about ready to split wide open.

I’ve been to various headache specialists… they don’t get it. Not once did they mention TMJ. Not once did they mention any vertebrae, or anything that might be pinched. All they wanted to do was push their drugs… I’m done. I’m done. You know, at this point it needs to be fixed and, you know, I’ve been to an atlas doctor, um, which is the uppermost vertebrae in your neck that holds your head up. And from there, we decided and discovered that my TMJ is messed up, and thank goodness she sent me here.

After the first couple treatments

I made a huge, huge, huge, huge turning point last week. And I can say, life was tolerable last week. My headaches that I did have when I sneezed, which would normally be on a pain level of eight to ten and last sometimes hours, were now maybe a five and lasted one to five seconds. It was a great week!

Towards the end of treatment

Thank God to Dr. Marlin and Dr. Logan because… I’m now sitting here and I can basically say I’m 99% headache-free and I have my life back… I can sneeze, and I can cough, and I can bend over, and I can… I can be a human being again! And I can play with my grandchildren and… you know… nobody can appreciate a good sneeze like I can today. And to put that into words… it’s impossible. I had given up. My quality of life stunk. Our team gave it back to me. There’s nothing you can put into words to explain the gratitude… and the love that I have for these people.