Karen talks about how Dr Robert Logan addressed her TMJ disorder, bad bite and headaches meanwhile giving her a beautiful smile!


Karen’s Story: She talks about how Dr. Logan’s treatment alleviated her muscle tension and headaches.

So, when I first started this whole transformation of my mouth, one of my biggest issues had to do with the TMJ. You know, the clicking, the tension, the discomfort. Periodically I would get headaches — not too bad, so that was pretty good. Um, and it just got to the point where, you know, with night guards and everything I just never felt that total release of the tension. And plus, on top of that, when Dr. Logan showed me what my mouth could look like, I was like okay… fix this and have a nice smile!

Have people noticed the changes in your smile and overall well-being?

Wow. I’ve had may people come up and say, “have you been whitening your teeth? What have you done?” So I was honest. I said, “I actually… they’re… I had the whole set redone. Um, predominantly for the TMJ. And when my dentist allowed me to pick a color, I’m like ‘we’re going white!’ Of course, with some natural shading going on. But I’m like, you know what? I wanted to whiten my teeth for years and the sensitivity didn’t allow me and now, not only did I correct one problem, I’ve got a nice white smile.” So, yes, many people have said something to me. And that’s really both my motivations: to feel good and to have a great smile.