Laura Talks about how Dr Robert Logan helped her with her headaches and migraines without the need for drugs.


Before starting treatment

I always thought I had sinus problems. Or, you know, a headache here, a headache there. Oh, it’s the weather… oh, it’s this… oh, it’s that. I never really got to the bottom of what was causing these. I take medication for other things, and I didn’t want to add more medication on top of what I already take. So, what I did was, prior to coming to Dr. Logan, um, I went to a neurologist… I went to actually two neurologists… very qualified, good doctors. But whatever they gave me was not working… either it kept me up at night, or it didn’t help the headaches at all. Then I tried something a little natural, from the health food store. Did that help? Maybe, maybe not. I didn’t really see, you know, much difference at all.

To this point today, I’m up to at least one horrible migraine weekend a month. It could be more, but it’s really interfering with my work, with my activities, with my social life. I have to cancel many plans because a normal migraine will take me a good two, two and a half days to recover from… very debilitating, bed-ridden, sick… not a pleasant experience.

After treatment

I am feeling a significant difference since one week ago, when I had my appliance put in… or picked up, I should say. And one big thing that I notice is that I’ve always had terrible stiffness and knots from the… probably this part of my head, down, all in my neck and shoulders, right down to the base of my spine. I’m a big person for massage and stretching, and I’m stretching and it feels like it’s already stretched! I always had so many knots and so much discomfort… and it is like, more than 90% better. In one week! I can’t believe it! I’m comfortable when I sleep. I was always a good sleeper, but I feel comfort when I sleep. I get in a position and I don’t feel like I’m tossing and turning. I’m just pleasantly pleased.