Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen discusses the before and after of her dental transformation — from chronic pain and discomfort to relief and self-confidence.


What symptoms were you having that made you seek treatment?

I began to worry about what was going to happen and be stuck with an emergency, because I was having a lot of trouble up front with my teeth, and I was afraid they were gonna just split and break. And so… dry mouth, I’d feel my muscles are so-so-so tight. My ears were bothering me terribly. The back of my neck was bothering me terribly. Um, I would get the pains which… you touch a couple of hairs on your head and it sets off extreme headaches… muscles… and then I would get the whole muscle structure… you could feel the muscle tightening up, um, inside the head. I had the dry mouth, dry eyes… um… the sinuses, the ears… did I mention the ears? The pain in the ears, which was a tremendous amount of pain.

Okay, so we have neck pain, we have shoulder pain, jaw pain, jaw clicking, joint noises, facial pain, ear pain…

I have gone through, um, periods where I would wake up and I had been grinding overnight or clenching and that clenching has been so extreme that I could feel from a point, upper and lower, numbness in my face. I’ve also felt, besides lines of numbness in different areas, I have felt a generalized numbness… but I know that grinding my teeth has produced that numbness.


How are you feeling now?

Initially, when the work was done, those muscles let loose… um, that was just the most marvelous thing to me. The ears, the muscle pain, the whole dryness, um… I think a lot of things which science attributes to certain “syndromal” conditions I have found have been relieved by having my teeth balanced.

Few people knew what was happening. When I… one of those people first saw me the day after the work was done, and I was walking toward them across the parking lot. She hadn’t seen my teeth, but she immediately knew that work… something was done.. because my whole… what would I call it… my stance… she said I was all opened up. Where she says I was normally looked down and pulled back. She said I was opened up. It was a totally, totally different look of confidence, openness, alertness. Um, and so she could see that whatever had happened inside my mouth, outwardly reflected to how I carried my body and presented myself.

That is a very big aspect of the work that was done that is subsequent but a very big part of fixing the structure of my teeth… has everything to do with how I carry my head, carry myself. Very positive.

So that makes a little difference?

It makes a great difference! I couldn’t believe that this major work could have been done in so few visits, in so little time… but no, it’s amazing from the beginning how quickly the work is done… how basically painless the work is. That’s amazing!

One thing that’s been proven to me is that science tries to alleviate a lot of things based on the symptom… of dryness, maybe there’s a new mouthwash for dry mouth or whatnot… but the cause of it is simply the tight muscles, which once relieved by the balancing of the teeth, allows everything to flow again. How simple is that!

It makes a big difference structurally. I don’t feel like my teeth are gonna fly off anymore if I’m chewing in bites on a bagel. Um, psychologically, emotionally… and, again, as much as they cost, if I lose my job, I’m gonna be able to go right back out and with much more confidence be able to talk and present myself before somebody.