Trish talks about her long time battle with headaches, migraines and a long list of medications that were not helping her. Her life has been changed through the help of Dr Robert Logan.


Trish has been suffering with headaches and migraines for over 20 years. Here is her story.

It all started, I would say, about like 20 years ago. I started out with like TMJ symptoms, with jaw pain, headaches kinda on and off. And then it started to progress like a little bit more and then I started getting like bad migraines, I was taking Celebrex, taking muscle relaxers, every single day. And then it got to the point where it was every single day with the migraines, which I barely could even… like, function. I don’t even know how I made it to work being in that much pain. It also would go into my neck, I was like, I was just having constant muscle aches and pains.

I was… massage therapy. I’d gone for acupuncture. I’d gone to other TMJ people that just… it was just kind of like, they drug you up… they don’t really find the real problem to it. So then, um, I was at my wits end! I found this… I just happened to find this online and I was like, “I’m just gonna call. Let’s see what happens.” And it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I came in, explained to everyone what was happening to me. Right away they knew it was TMJ, because I had been told in the past that it’s not TMJ… like, it was almost saying like it was almost in my head. And… it’s not in my head. The pain and agony I was in…

From the beginning, we started doing therapy sessions, which helped with the muscle fatigue… um… I had gotten the orthotic done. That helped. Every week we made adjustments. That was helping… each week it was little by little. Basically getting, like, a little bit better, a little bit better. And the one thing I will say, like, Dr. Logan did not give up. That was the one thing. He did not give up. He tried something different if it wasn’t working. Because I know, I was like, it was a hard case cause I’d had it for such a long, long period of time. He did not give up!

I was looking for someone new and I had gone to someone before I came to you, and he said I didn’t have TMJ! I don’t know how you can tell me I… the first thing… I mean, you noticed right away. It was just like, the noticed the jaw swinging, which told you there’s something blocking it, which right away he knew. Dr. Logan just knew.

Maybe two months ago, or something like that, we were talking and I was saying how I don’t have headaches anymore. She was like, “oh you found someone that could actually help you?” She was like, just surprised because I had been dealing with it for 20 years! She’s like, “I cannot believe,” she goes, “you just always had, like, a look of pain, like, on your face,” she goes, “you look completely, like, different.” You could see it. You could see the pain in my face. And you can see like now, I’m not like that at all.

I cannot tell you how different life is too. Even going to work, I’m not fatigued anymore. I used to be fatigued and tired. And that’s what this was all from. It was all from like TMJ. I cannot thank everyone… the staff… it has been a great experience.

Everyone, the staff is great. You guys, the one thing I have to say you actually, like, care. You actually… you care. Because other people are like, “here’s your drugs. See you later.” You actually care and you listened. I can’t thank everyone enough! Because it has changed my life. I do not have anymore headaches. I’m headache-free! It is like, the best thing I could ever… it’s the best gift ever, that I’ve ever had. And it’s the best experience I’ve ever had too. Because you show compassion, and that’s the one thing the other dentists lack. They… or they give up. They just don’t know what to do and they kind of give up on you.

This is the best experience I have ever had… I cannot thank… everyone on the staff… thank you so much. You have definitely changed my life.