Headshot of a smiling Danielle


DMRT; Treatments and New Patient Coordinator

Danielle is our Neuromuscular (LVI trained) and Dentomandibular Rehabilitation Therapist (DMRT), she has been trained to perform life changing rehabilitation therapies for people suffering from the painful symptoms related to muscle foundation imbalances. She works with Dr. Logan and other team members to oversee our patients through the diagnostic and rehabilitation therapy process, which will ultimately change their lives. She has been recruited by TruDenta to train other teams, throughout the country on how to perform therapies. Danielle acts as a guide for our patients as they learn all of the different aspects or “pieces of the puzzle” as we put them together. While she has been expertly trained, it is her gift and ability to genuinely care for people from all walks of life that makes her special. With her warm heart she takes our patients through the healing process from start to finish.

She has been working along side Dr. Logan since 1999. Danielle currently resides in West Milford with her husband and son.