Diagnostic Process (Migraines and Pain Disorders) Kinnelon, NJ

Diagnostic Process Kinnelon, NJ

Identifying neuromuscular disorders in Kinnelon, NJ is often a lengthy trial-and-error process when you’re not sure what to look for. Listing out symptoms of joint pain or headaches makes it even more frustrating to pinpoint the source of your chronic discomfort. Fortunately, Headache and Migraine Center of Kinnelon provides extensive diagnostic resources to expedite the screening, identification, and management of chronic facial pain and headaches.

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How it Works

Our Kinnelon office is equipped with extensive scanning and 3D imaging technology that helps identify pressure points and measurements throughout your mouth, jaw, head, and neck. We can even determine the extent of weight placed on your teeth when your jaw and facial muscles are fully engaged. This data makes it more efficient to identify specific problems or sources in your orofacial structure that require rehabilitation.

In addition to our TruDenta screening system, we can also utilize 3D CBCT (cone beam) scanning to fully evaluate the internal anatomy of your orofacial structures. This quick scan is as simple as having a routine full-mouth X-ray taken, but provides us with the ability to assess skeletal and joint structures from a 3D point of view.

When needed, we can also incorporate electromyography (EMG) or sonography to further evaluate soft tissues such as the muscles and discs (inside of your TMJ) during motion. This in-action viewpoint provides added insight when joint disorders or degenerative disc disease are suspected. Our computerized jaw tracking device can further determine physiologic responses during movement, and is often combined with TENS electrical stimulation to determine muscular impact on atypical patterns of motion.

Choosing the Right Provider

Although chronic migraines and TMJ disorder are tightly related to orofacial health, very few dentists offer comprehensive diagnostics at their practice. Our facility offers neuromuscular and holistic care for patients struggling with pain and joint fatigue.

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