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Headache and Migraine Kinnelon

Do you have headaches more days than without? When stress management, better sleep, and even meditation or pain relievers don’t seem to help, where should you turn? A neuromuscular dentist, like Dr. Robert Logan in Kinnelon.

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Your facial muscles criss-cross in a number of different directions. But aside from the movement of your neck, there’s only one main joint on your face that could be leading to muscular strain: your TMJ (jaw joint.) When your TMJ in Kinnelon, NJ is experiencing heightened tension or a joint disorder, all of the muscular tissues attached at or near your jaw can also become tense and strained.

TMJ disorder in Kinnelon, New Jersey can cause pain to radiate through your face, forehead, scalp, neck, and further into your shoulders. If chronic enough, it could also contribute to symptoms of chronic migraines and earaches. So, if you’re left at a loss for identifying migraine triggers, don’t overlook the most obvious source: your TMJ.

Joint Strain, Disorder, and Neuromuscular Dentistry

Chronic TMJ tension is common in people with stressful lifestyles and sleep apnea. Symptoms are also seen in individuals whose upper and lower teeth don’t align properly, since it causes atypical joint movement each time they eat or speak. In turn, the muscles of your face and scalp can become overworked and experience heightened levels of pain during flare-ups.

When your TMJ is strained or your teeth are consistently hitting together in an imbalanced relationship, it can radiate into the surrounding structures and cause secondary pain. Headaches and migraines are some of the most common examples.

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As a neuromuscular dentistry practice, we aim to help our patients establish harmonious joint function and occlusal alignment to reduce pain and muscle fatigue. In turn, these non-surgical therapies can help alleviate your discomfort for improved quality of life on a day to day basis.

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