Neck Pain and Tension Relief Kinnelon, NJ

Neck Pain and Tension Relief Kinnelon, NJ

Do your neck and shoulders constantly feel stiff? Is the tension in your neck making it difficult to perform everyday activities or even sleep comfortably at night? While the natural response is to treat our symptoms with moist heat or pain relievers, it’s also essential to look to contributing factors that may not be in your neck at all. Many of the muscular tissues that run through your neck and attach at the shoulders also originate along the scalp and jaw. If there’s a disorder of your jaw joint (TMJ) it’s possible for that tension and pain to radiate into your neck and shoulders as well. In short: your neck pain might be due to a condition like TMJ disorder, or TMD.

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If you’re someone who has atypically aligned jaws and teeth or is excessively clenching your jaw due to stress, it’s fairly common to see symptoms of:

  • Neck pain
  • Sore muscles
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension
  • Stiffness

A neuromuscular care plan at Headache and Migraine Center of Kinnelon in Kinnelon, New Jersey will assess the moving joints and lifestyle factors that play into your jaw or neck pain to identify a non-surgical treatment solution. Bite equilibration or splint therapy could be the simplest options. By improving the occlusal (biting) relationship between your teeth and eliminating TMJ tension, you also gain the added benefit of improved muscle health and relaxation. Treating the pain at the source — rather than just the symptoms — could eliminate your neck discomfort for good.

Screening and Diagnosis for Neck Pain

Perhaps you’ve struggled with neck pain for years. If that’s the case, we encourage you to visit with our Kinnelon neuromuscular dental provider, Dr. Robert Logan. His extensive work with TMJ disorder, headache, and migraine patients offers a therapeutic and long-lasting solution in Kinnelon, NJ for people experiencing TMD-induced neck pain. Contact us today to reserve a consultation.