Treatment Modalities Kinnelon, NJ

Treatment Modalities Kinnelon, NJ

Are you searching for a medication and surgery-free solution for chronic pain, migraines, or TMJ disorder in Kinnelon? Our neuromuscular-based treatment modalities are effective against chronic joint and muscular discomfort to provide proven relief without invasive surgeries or prescriptions.

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The first step in treating your chronic orofacial pain is to perform a thorough diagnostic assessment. From there, Dr. Logan will create a care plan that incorporates therapeutic measures that ease joint pain and muscle tension at their original source.

Some of the treatment modalities and rehabilitation therapies that we offer will incorporate technology like:

TruDenta — In addition to diagnostics, TruDenta also provides FDA approved therapies that can be spaced over weekly sessions (each lasting just a little over an hour.)

Ultrasound — This particular type of therapy works best for deep-seated muscular adhesions and scar tissue that might otherwise be inaccessible without surgery. As it boosts blood circulation it promotes rapid healing in a natural manner.

Microcurrent Therapy — This technique eases muscle spasms and reduces lactic acid buildup within facial muscles to holistically address chronic pain. It is safe and gentle for all ages.

Cold Laser — Photo biomodulation is effective against inflammation to naturally ease pain as it improves neurological pathways in the nerve tissues that are responsible for transmitting pain signals.

Orthotics — Eliminating excessive clenching and grinding with an oral splint, creating a sleep appliance, or incorporating orthodontic appliances can improve overall joint and muscle function by correcting the way your jaws and teeth fit together.

Muscle Palpation — Manual muscle therapy addresses specific trigger points and knots in your tissues, similar to therapeutic massage.

Achievable Pain Relief

Feeling frustrated with surgery and medication recommendations? Our holistic and neuromuscular care practices are effective and safe. Reserve your exam at Headache and Migraine Center of Kinnelon today to discover a healthier way to live pain free.