Is It All In My Head? — A Permanent Solution for Migraines Without Drugs or Medication

How common is chronic head pain?

Chronic headaches and migraines affect over 45 million Americans and more than 20% of people worldwide. Headache disorders impose substantial personal suffering, impaired quality of life, and financial cost. However, almost half of headache and migraine sufferers are never professionally diagnosed and treated. A migraine is more than just a dull throb, but can include nausea, light and sound sensitivity, or even visual abnormalities. Chronic head pain sufferers are three times more likely to become depressed or have anxiety, fatigue, or trouble sleeping. Repeated headache attacks can create a constant fear of when the next episode will occur, damaging family life, social life, and employment.

Do migraine medications work?

Most people get put on the prescription roller coaster, trying one pill after another. This costs them money and their health, with little to no benefit. It is reported that less than half of patients who use migraine medications see any difference at all in their symptoms, many of these sufferers struggling with pain for years without relief. However, here at the Headache and Migraine Center of Kinnelon, we are eager to help you take back your life without the dependency and uncertainty of medication or injections. How is this possible?

Is there an all-natural cure for migraines?

The head and mouth are home to a myriad of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones, which affect not only your teeth, but your overall health and well-being. The forces which are created by these elements, when not properly balanced, can result in various symptoms. A “trigger point” is a hyper irritable nodule within a muscle which, when activated, refers pain to distant areas. In addition to frequent headaches, these aggravated trigger points can cause neck and face pain, jaw clenching and grinding, tinnitus, vertigo, snoring, and sleep apnea. Many of our patients have multiple symptoms but have never before seen the connection between these and their headaches. Utilizing systems and methods perfected in sports medicine with balancing bite forces in dentistry, we have been able to rapidly and painlessly resolve issues from which patients have been suffering for years. Medications treat the pain—the symptom—but many times, there is an underlying issue which is causing the pain to continually return. This can include chronic inflammation, lactic acid buildup in the muscles, jaw tension, or even lack of blood flow to the brain. So, is the pain all in your head? Perhaps not!

How can I stop my migraines permanently?

Doctor Logan has extensive experience in treating disorders of the head, jaw, and neck for years and in his practice as seen the correlation between chronic head pain and dental issues. Our office uses TruDenta technology to analyze bite force and range of motion in the head and neck to target the source of your pain. Then, we create a treatment plan that helps the actual cause without the use of oral drugs or injections. This could include therapeutic ultrasound, physical therapy, microcurrent therapy, low-level laser, massage, and/or herbal supplements, depending on your specific needs. Most patients see significant results after just one treatment! Please refer to our patient stories page to hear from actual patients that have benefited from this incredible system. Give our office a call to schedule your FREE complimentary screening and find out how the Headache and Migraine Center of Kinnelon can help you too.