From the beginning of my professional career I have always considered my team to be an investment, not an expense. Continuing education along with personal and professional development have consistently consumed a disproportionate amount of my practice budget. As a result employee turnover has been extremely low, and commitment to quality service and loyalty high. When I pursued a path in neuromuscular dentistry over a several year period, my treatment coordinators Danielle and Teri trained with me. Many hours away from home and family, their own personal investments in our ability to provide superior care to those patients that entrust their health to us. When I was exposed to the TruDenta treatment protocol I hesitated, because I had been treating craniomandibular disorders and headache utilizing the Tek Scan, one of their prime technologies, since the early 90’s. I soon discovered that their protocol was much more involved and comprehensive, and filled a niche in my own philosophy of treatment..

When I first went for my training in the TruDenta protocol, Dr. Jess, Dani and Teri trained with me. Dr. Jess and I were trained in the diagnostic and treatment protocol, and Dani and Teri were trained to become DMRT’s, dentomandibular rehabilitation therapists. Not surprising to me, the knowledge and commitment they brought to their training was acknowledged by TruDenta. Of the 38 individuals trained to be DMRT’s, two were invited back by TruDenta to become TruDenta trainers themselves. Congratulations Dani and Teri!!! So proud of you guys, but not at all surprised.